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Where to buy a Watch Winder?

Where to buy a watch winder is a question you may have for a gift this time of year. It was pretty easy to buy a self-winding watch or get one as a gift. Some watches do not have batteries and are wound by the kinetic energy created by your moving arm. If you do not wear the self-winding watch everyday or have more than one automatic winding watch you will need to buy a watch winder. There are a few places where you can buy a watch winder locally or online.

Can buy a Watch Winder at a Jewelry Store Continue reading Where to buy a Watch Winder?

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Best Watch Winder models have Top 3 Features

Best Watch Winder
Best Watch Winder Features

When shopping for the best watch winder you will want to look for a model that has good features so that you can adjust it for your self winding watch. Do you own a perpetual, automatic of self-winding watch? Many people do. The watch actually winds itself as you move. But if you take this watch off, it eventually winds down and stops ticking in a few days.  Makers of fine watches recommend you keep them wound so the delicate moving parts do not degrade from being left unwound for extended periods of time. Additionally the light oils and greases can congeal if not in motion. If you’ve considered buying a watch winder for yourself or for a friend, we’ve put together this handy list of the BEST features to be considering when you are looking for the best watch winders. Continue reading Best Watch Winder models have Top 3 Features

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What is a Watch Winder?

what is a watch winder cutaway
What is Watch Winder?

If you were shopping at online stores and saw them you might be wondering What is a Watch Winder this blogpost is for you. Auto Winding watches have certainly come a long way in the past few decades. Many of these mechanical wonders keep excellent time, and have other features such as date, moon, or lunar displays. Known as much for their beauty as their craftsmanship, complex mechanical watches, especially those that have annual calendars and moon phases need to be kept wound in order to be ready to wear.

Auto winding watches are wound from the natural movements of your wrist to keep the mechanism wound. This can only happen when you Continue reading What is a Watch Winder?