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Best Watch Winder models have Top 3 Features

Best Watch Winder
Best Watch Winder Features

When shopping for the best watch winder you will want to look for a model that has good features so that you can adjust it for your self winding watch. Do you own a perpetual, automatic of self-winding watch? Many people do. The watch actually winds itself as you move. But if you take this watch off, it eventually winds down and stops ticking in a few days.  Makers of fine watches recommend you keep them wound so the delicate moving parts do not degrade from being left unwound for extended periods of time. Additionally the light oils and greases can congeal if not in motion. If you’ve considered buying a watch winder for yourself or for a friend, we’ve put together this handy list of the BEST features to be considering when you are looking for the best watch winders.

1) Best Watch Winders are Attractive and have a High-Quality Design
A good watch-winding case or box should be easy on the eyes and accent your dresser, while it protects your expensive watches.  Wood has a nice solid feel and is perfectly weighted for watch storage. A matte finish is easy to care for and does not show fingerprints. A clear glass observation window makes it easy to see that your watch is there, is rotating, and is keeping good time.

2) Better Watch Winder will have Independent Rotators for Each Watch
The best cases are the ones that feature different or independently adjustable watch chambers or “cradles.” This lets you remove your favorite watch and wear one, while the other chambers continue to wind the rest of your collection. And turning one off makes it easy to take one out, use the watch, then return it. All without interrupting the winding of the other watch. For example this 4 Watch Winder has 4 cradles and 4 contols for the winder and each watch can be set to its best speed.

3) Best Watch Winders have Programmable and or Adjustable Settings
And most importantly are the settings for each chamber. This lets you insert the watch and adjust the frequency, turns clockwise / counter clockwise and sensitivity settings so your fine timepiece is not OVER-wound. Look for watch winding cases that allow you to adjust the chambers from 650 to 3600 Turns Per Day (TPD). Different watch brands and models will require different rotations cycles per day. This will also save electricity as the winder is not operating more than is necessary.

If you follow my 3 Watch Winder Feature Tips above, you’ll end up buying the best watch winder for yourself that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Or, you’ll make someone else very happy with a quality gift they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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